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Motivation Questions

Motivational Questions

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing--that’s why we recommend it daily.” Zig Ziglar

It can be hard to keep moving and accomplish various objectives. Sometimes there are things you want to do. Other times there are things you do not want to do but need to get done. Writing and updating this blog is a chore, I must admit. Writing content does not come naturally to me. However, from my travels, learnings, experiences and interesting people I have encountered, I know I have much to share. Therefore, I am compelled to put the information out there.

So this time I am going to make an effort to speak about motivation. I'm not saying this is the end-all be-all on motivation. If this only help as a reminder or encouragement for someone else down the road, it will have served its purpose.

What do I need to do to today be successful?

This is a question I try to ask myself every morning. Sometimes it occurs to me as soon as I wake up. There are other times when the thought occurs to me when I'm driving in to work. Sometimes I will go for some time and have forgotten to ask the question altogether.

What purpose does this question serve? Anytime I ask it, many non-value activities become apparent. For me, the question really cuts through the fluff of other things going around and allows me to focus or dial-in on what is important for that day. When other things come up that have a perceived higher priority I can always weigh it against what I set out to get done for that day. At the end of the day, I will not wonder if what I was doing or did have any meaning because at the start of the day it did.

Sometimes when I ask this question, personal items come to mind not work related items. Sometimes it is family related or just something I need to do for myself. Because of this, I do not feel bad if I have to step away from the office to get something done.

Is this really the best use of my time?

This is another question I will ask myself. Most of the time it happens when I am watching television. When I find myself just mindless sitting re-watching a broadcast or a game that does not hold my interest, this question will come to my mind. Sometimes the answer is, "Yes." because I need to rest for something happening the next day.

However, when the answer is "No." I will then think about a the first question. Sometimes it's as simple as mowing the lawn. Other times I need to prepare for something at work. There have been times the answer is to just spend time with my wife or take the dogs to the dog park or finish a book to get past it or writing an article such as this. In any case, it is something important if not to me than to somebody else.


Motivation works when it is used daily. Sometimes people are motivated by pain either through physical, emotional or economic factors. I would prefer it did not get to that point. I think asking these questions helps to be proactive in what needs to be done and keeps other motivators, unpleasant motivators, from creeping in.

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