Bill's Conversational Musings

Give me that one more time

ONE more time.. at Wrigley Field

I was asked today what was on my bucket list. I do not have a bucket list but I do have a list of things I would like to do one more time. I'm sure this list will update and change as time goes on.

  • I want to take in a Cubs game behind the home plate of Wrigley Field.
  • I want sit at McSorley's and enjoy my two beers.
  • Watch art students practice their sketches on the floor of Opera Garnier. (Done - We got to see art students sketching at Musée du Louvre.)
  • I want to go to the Grand Prix and feel the thunder of race cars once more as they go by.
  • Read a book on the deck of a ocean liner at sea while sipping on frozen treats.
  • I want to feel the evening ocean breeze on my face while eating dinner in Belize.
  • One more Belikin Stout.
  • I want to enjoy a cigar while watching the setting sun paint the Mexican mountains every color between purple and orange.
  • Feel the sand between my toes while I belt out Karaoke at a Caribbean beach-side bar.
  • The Dallas Symphony at Christmas.
  • Sip lemon cello at Joseph's after a fine meal. And maybe try the Sambuca this time.
  • Gently fall asleep to the sounds of traffic on Gran Via below in Madrid.
  • One more dinner in the castle.
  • Gaze back in the direction of my house in the U.S. from the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower. (Done - 2015 Trip to Paris )
  • I want to snorkel around Molokini while listening to whale songs. Walk along the black sand.
  • I want to swim with dolphins and spoil them treats.
  • One more night of jazz in New Orleans.
  • Coffee on a crisp, Seattle morning.
  • I want one more order of Halal's from 53rd & 6th. The white AND the red sauce, please.

Just give me that one more time.