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Connecting People's Enthusiasm to Technology

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What does connecting people's enthusiasm to technology mean?

To me, I look for opportunities where people need help in their lives. This might be something as simple as an Excel workbook that helps people perform some calculations. Currently I am working on a series for a free software tool called Taskwarrior.

You can find the lessons here. There are two reasons why I am working on this for no charge.

The first reason is when I was learning this tool; I was unable to find good documentation about how to use it. I could find some videos but they never really did answer my question.

After I started to understand and use the tool, I was able to create my own scripts. Many of these scripts were complex to me at the time. It occurred to me that I could remember what to do if I committed it to video.

The second reason was to share the information. I knew if I was struggling with the material, somebody else probably is too. Moreover, this is where I feel I get to connect people’s enthusiasm with technology. If I can help somebody have a slightly better day, then all the effort was worth it.

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