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Cleaning with Light

Cleaning with Light

Light in and of itself is nothing new. I'm not going to tell you something about light that you probably already didn't know. People have been using light for years. It's the fundamental principle in photography which is, by its entomology, painting with light. People have been using light to generate power. Solar power is a popular topic in many communities. Light has also been used for safety. It chases away the dark or signals when hazards are nearby.

Light, however, is not something that you would normally think about when you are doing cleaning around the house. However, if used in the right quantities, just like any other cleaning product, you can get some impressive results.


For the most part all household lights point down. Lights installed in the ceiling and in fixtures typically shine light down in some manner whether it be directly or indirectly. For the purposes of cleaning, this is a good start but not the best solution.

Shining light sideways on the other hand reveals a great many things. I like to use and LED light. The LED lights of today throw out a lot of light and are very low heat. I'll mount it to a base using a clip.

Light on a clamp mount

When you do this and turn the light on, you see EVERYTHING. The shadows of every little speck on the surface are now visible. Even the smallest things like bread crumbs can be easily seen. You will also notice all the blemishes on the surface such as dents and knife marks.

Speck of food on the counter


Glass can appear clean from many angles. However, when you shine a light through it you see a great many things. You can see water spots, scratches, lipstick, chips and more.

Wine Glass with Light

This sounds over simplistic but you would be surprised at how often it is overlooked. This tip is also useful when just washing dishes. I will usually hold the glass to the light in the ceiling to check to see if it is clean. When I do I drip water all over myself. Using this technique, you can keep the glass over the sink as you check.

I have been to many respectable establishments and by holding a light to the glass, I asked for a different one. The next time you are out, give it a try.


Similar to counter tops. Shine the light sideways and you see everything that needs to be swept up and them mopped.

Floor with Light

One important benefit you get is a safety feature. You can see which areas are wet and avoid them so you don't slip and fall.


Light can be a useful tool when it comes to cleaning. When you use it in conjunction with other cleaning products like soaps and mops, amazing results can be achieved.

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