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Action, Plot & Complications

Much of what we understand and feel about people comes from watching them act in relation to others and the entaglements they create as the action proceeds.

R.V. Cassill, The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, Fifth Edition, 1995

The same can be said about people in their personal lives as well. If you think about it, many people act differently at home than they do at work or in other social circles. I have attended workshops that explore this dynamic.

Basically, it comes down to status. Status is the relative social, professional, or other standing of someone or something according to the dictionary. A police officer has higher status than the driver, he pulls over, for example. However, his chief has higher status than he does.

With this in mind, if a person with higher perceived status makes you angry, you may take it out on somebody with lower perceived status. If you can control the way you act in relation to others, you will find that you can have significant control over the situation.

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