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Action, Plot & Complications

Much of what we understand and feel about people comes from watching them act in relation to others and the entaglements they create as the action proceeds.

R.V. Cassill, The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, Fifth Edition, 1995

The same can be said about people in their personal lives ...

Conversation Engaged

His face was sweaty and dirty. The sun shone on his face. The day was hot.

Nick turned his head carefully and lookded at Rinaldi. "Senta Rinaldi. Senta. You and me we've mad a separate peace." Rinaldi lay still in the sun breathing with difficulty. "Not patriots." Nick turned ...

Mastering the Mix


I am working on a set of reference tracks and software tools for my music production hobby. You use reference tracks to compare your music against other tracks of similar style. Alternatively, you might just like the way the horns or guitar sound in a particular song. Therefore, you will ...

Virtual Coolness

Bill comparing sunglasses

So today, I stumbled upon LensCrafters' virtual model. What their software does is takes several images of your face using your camera. It then does some tech magic and wraps the sunglasses on your image.

I am sure this is not much different from the puppy dog nose or clown ...

Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator

Here is another effects pedal that does some amazing things. It takes your electric guitar and makes it sound like a full-bodied acoustic.

With this box you can really make quick switches between that classic big acoustic to whatever amp sound you are using then back again.

"Standard" is good ...

Boss VO-1 Vocoder

These stomp boxes have come along way from the last time I remember them.

This box has a lot of options in it. First you can just play notes in the "Choir" mode to add something to your input (Guitar, keyboard, whatever).

Next are the vocoder modes "Vintage" (like what ...

Scam Voice Mail

Listen to this voicemail I received today.

I hate these voice messages. I don't usually use the word 'hate' that often. But these people take it to a whole new level. This is the fourth or fifth voice message I received today.

They try to be all scary first ...

Azimuth Mix 002 with Guitar

This is not my music. I found some cool music by a composer by the name of Mike Mullen. Ever since my first visit to E.P.C.O.T. I have always found a liking toward that dreamy, floating music they would just put in their queues.

If you ...

Book Review: Daemon

Daemon Motion Logo
"Would you be willing to follow the instructions of a dead person?" the system asked him.

I think I recall hearing about this book from Leo Laporte. I probably put the book on my Christmas wishlist. I do recall my wife asking if she could read it. (Side Note: a ...

Connecting People's Enthusiasm to Technology

Technology setting

What does connecting people's enthusiasm to technology mean?

To me, I look for opportunities where people need help in their lives. This might be something as simple as an Excel workbook that helps people perform some calculations. Currently I am working on a series for a free software tool ...

Wedding Gift Idea

Wedding Group
What do you get for a couple's wedding when you know nothing about them? You do not know their likes. You do not know their tastes or interests. Sure, they registered for soaps, flowers, pots, pans at various stores. However, what can you give them that is unique and ...

Tech Tips

Working on a new website that combines technology tips with instructional videos. These are tips that allow me to remember how something worked.

Here's the link.

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SHARE Interview Model

Interview Image

I created this file as a print-out for the SHARE Interview Model. It gives you a place where you can write down the stories and keep track of them. It also includes a short explaination of how to use it.

Download .pdf