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His face was sweaty and dirty. The sun shone on his face. The day was hot.

Nick turned his head carefully and lookded at Rinaldi. "Senta Rinaldi. Senta. You and me we've mad a separate peace." Rinaldi lay still in the sun breathing with difficulty. "Not patriots." Nick turned his head carefully away smiling sweatily. Rinaldi was a disappointing audience.

From "In Our Time" by Ernest Hemingway.

If you ever watched the movie Midnight in Paris you will know this is exactly how they portray Hemingway speaking. I personally like the descriptive nature of this situation. It does a good job of highlighting reality.

I also like the phrase "disappointing audience" I think we have that more and more in our society today. I know when this was written I think Rinaldi was injured in the war. However, in modern day I feel people are always connected and distracted. That to engage with them in-person is a disappointing experience.

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